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    I've been using this product for a while, but in a different scent. Wasn't crazy about the scent. This stuff smells amazing. Will buy this one from now on.

    Sherry D United States

    My first time to purchase this deodorant/antiperspirant and I really like it.

    Bobbi United States

    Best price on dry spray antiperspirant. Keeps me dry and oder free all day and evening too. Even in the 100 degree heat we’re having every day in Texas.

    KoolinTX United States

    Love the scent , it is very effective. Does not clog my pores like many other aerosol deodorants. Highly recommend

    alizandra hilton United States

    Never tried this before as a dry spray deodorant for women, but it was very good quality and, the scent was also very good. Value, is well worth buying!

    Lenea Borgeson United States